Physical Education

We can help your child achieve a great score with VCE Physical Education tutoring. Our expert tutors know the curriculum inside out and are able to help students who are struggling or those who are aiming for top scores. 

Physical education aims to give students an understanding of the human body’s physiology and self regulation. It’s an enjoyable subject that is particularly appealing to budding athletes because of its focus on exercise physiology and biomechanics, which can help students in their own pursuits.

Improving content understanding – students need to understand the concepts, so they can then write fluently and explain those concepts in their answers.

Study skills and understanding – VCE Physical Education can involve a lot of work and experiments, so having good processes and study habits will improve the student’s efficiency.

Areas we focus on:

  • Explaining complex ideas clearly & concisely – understanding is the key to success in Physical Education
  • SAC & Exam preparation – maximising study efficiency & direction
  • Improving basic scientific understanding – we want to build on steady foundations
  • We aim high, and know what is required to achieve success, in all areas of Biology

Our VCE Physical Education Tutors

We can provide you with exceptional VCE Science tutoring, and will come to you in all of Bayside, including Brighton, Hampton, Sandringham, Black Rock & Bentleigh.