Maths tutoring is our specialty at Tom’s Tutoring! Our enthusiastic & analytical Maths tutors have years of experience and loving helping students improve. Our Maths tutors can come to you in all of Brighton, Hampton and Bayside!

We offer Maths Tutoring in all VCE Maths Subjects, including:

All our maths tutors have recently completed VCE to an exceptional standard and have the ability to share this knowledge with your child. Areas we focus on:

  • Explaining complex ideas clearly & concisely – understanding is the key to success in Maths Methods
  • SAC & Exam preparation – maximising study efficiency & direction
  • Improving basic mathematical skills – we want to build on steady foundations
  • We aim high, and know what is required to achieve success, in all areas of Maths Methods

Find out more about the price for a Maths Tutor to come to you. To make an enquiry call us on 0431 711 720 send an email from the Contact Us page.

Maths tutoring

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