UCAT Tutoring

If you are interested in studying medical, dental and clinical science degree programmes at university, UCAT tutoring may be what you need to give you that edge heading into the exam. The UCAT replaced the UMAT (Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test) from 2019 (for university entry in 2020).

Performing well in the UCAT can help you stand out from other applicants and demonstrate aptitude for a demanding programme of study.

Our UCAT Tutors can help you by:

  • preparing you for what to expect! All our UCAT tutors have recently completely the UCAT to an exceptionally high standard.
  • Explaining complex ideas clearly & concisely – understanding is the key to success in Accounting
  • Our tutors aim high, and know what is required to achieve success

Our VCE UCAT Tutors

  • Ann Maria Sabu

Find out more about the price for a UCAT tutor to come to you. To make an enquiry call us on 0431 711 720 send an email from the Contact Us page.

UCAT Tutoring
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