Study Tips

Tom’s Tutoring wants to help you achieve your goals. We’ve written up these studying tips so that you can study & learn efficiently and easily, minimising your stress and maximising your marks. If you have any questions, ask your tutor to explain, and if you find these articles useful, please share them.

Choosing What to Study
Ever have trouble deciding what to study before a big test or exam? Read this!

What do top students do differently?
Listen to founder and Global Chairman of Elevate Education, Douglas Barton, talk about the research on top students learning habits.

Inside the mind of a master procrastinator
Are you always waiting until the last minute to get things done? This video may be just what you need!

Want to learn better? Start mind mapping
Learn about mind mapping and what it can do for understanding, memorisation, and retention.

Change your study habits by setting goals and managing time
Are you as efficient and productive as you can be? The Pomodoro method might be your answer!

Study Tips for VCE
Put into practice these study tips today!

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