Liam Year 7 to 10 MathsMaths MethodsSpecialist MathsChemistry & Physics Tutor

My name is Liam and I’m 23 years old. I’m in my fifth year of a commerce & engineering double degree at Monash University, where I am majoring in mechanical engineering and econometrics respectively. I graduated from St Leonards College in 2012. In my spare time I enjoy skiing, basketball and running.

I began tutoring in 2013 and have really enjoyed watching my students improve. My aim in tutoring is to convey complex mathematical concepts in a relatable and manageable manner. Tutoring maths, I endeavour to instil confidence in tackling these subjects which students often find difficult. I also aim to teach strong private study techniques which students can utilise outside our sessions, which will be beneficial in other subjects and future studies. I look forward to meeting you and tutoring your son or daughter.

Cheers, Liam