Kelly comes to your house in Brighton and hampton helping with VCE physical education tutoring and chemistry tutor

KellyVCE Biology, VCE Chemistry, VCE Physical Education and  Year 7 to 10 Maths Tutor

I have recently moved to Bayside after completing VCE in 2014. I grew up in the small beach town of Sandy Point, which borders Wilson Promontory and moved up to Melbourne to begin my studies. I am studying my first year of a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) at Monash University.

I love learning about the biology and functioning of the human body, and the ways in which we can maximise these functions.This interest aligns with my love of the outdoors and sport, some favourites including surfing, wind surfing, running, skiing and tennis. At home I work as a surfing instructor and love sharing my passion for the ocean with others. 

I have previously assisted my peers at both secondary school and university. I believe that organisation and knowing the study method(s) that suit you individually will result in the best academic outcomes. I empower students to find this study method, by suggesting some of the things I found helpful, as well as encouraging and furthering their individual methods. I enjoy sharing, passing on and helping others understand concepts they may be struggling with or have a desire to understand. I will also work to help student prioritise the aspects and concepts I found were of most importance and more commonly examined.

Looking forward to working with you all,