Anthony T

Bayside Tutor: VCE Physics Tutor, VCE Methods TutorVCE English Tutor

Hi, my name is Anthony. I went to secondary school at De La Salle College, graduating in 2017. I just finished my first year of engineering at Monash University and am hoping to specialise in aerospace engineering.

In my spare time I like to be active by doing things like running and exercising at the gym. I also love playing tennis and constantly train and play in competitions.

Through my personal experience and noticing students I’ve taught, I believe students excel through consistent dedication. Hence, I would encourage any current students to do their best, to be passionate and work hard, and be well organised.

I like to act as a guide when tutoring students, to help them achieve their goals. I aim to be as flexible as possible with every student, as everyone is unique in the way they learn and tackle problems. It’s also important for students to know they can do anything with enough patience and the right attitude.

I look forward to work with you!

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