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Hey, I’m Ann!

English Language Tutor, Ann Maria Sabu
Ann Maria Sabu | VCE Online Tutor

I am a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce student at Monash University. I love to indulge myself in art and writing short articles because I firmly believe that exploring one’s passion and hobbies help develop one’s own individuality

I completed VCE last year and I remember being stressed at the start of Year 12. With all the content and fast-paced classes I quickly realised that it is not the amount of time you study that matters but its the manner in which you study that matters.

Over the past years, I have helped many students reach their ultimate potential by helping break down each topic into simple layman’s language and focusing on an optimal understanding of each topic rather than reading textbooks for the sake of reading. I try keeping a strategical plan for each student and try exposing each student to various types of questions and how to tackle each type of question

And definitely, with a balanced routine that involves studies, sleep and extra-curricular activities, VCE would be the best time in a student’s life as they are exploring with curiosity the person who they want to transform themselves into.

I would love to be a part of this journey and is keen to help you get started on your run for the best VCE results.


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