Adam B

Adam B - Bayside Tutor
Adam Brand – Bayside Tutor

Year 7-10 English Tutor, VCE English Tutor, Global Studies Tutor & Revolutions Tutor

Hey everyone, my name is Adam!

In 2018 I graduated from Caulfield Grammar School, and from 2019 I’m going to start studying Global Studies and Science at Monash University. A few of my interests include reading, music, travelling, history and politics. At school, I participated in a range of activities including debating, rowing, jazz band and theatre.

I’m looking forward to tutoring this year, as I enjoy watching others reach their fullest potential. Having gone through the system as a student, I know that in order to achieve excellence in the subjects I will be tutoring, it requires a tremendous amount of hard work, passion and organisation. It is my aim as a tutor to pass on my knowledge in regards to structure, analysis, answering questions and note-taking that enabled me to save countless hours and significantly improve my abilities. I understand many struggle with the Humanities and English, as they were originally the hardest subjects for me, however, I know from experience that with the right guidance any student cannot just do well in them, but thrive.

I look forward to hearing from you all!

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