Our Tutors

Our experienced Bayside tutors have what it takes to teach and motivate your child, whether they are struggling or a high achiever. We aim to provide high-quality, affordable and reliable in-home tutoring with a smile!

  • All our tutors are all skilled communicators who can explain complex ideas in simple terms.
  • All our tutors are passionate about their areas of expertise, which they excelled at in high school and continue to study in university.
  • All our tutors are local university students with a passion for teaching and communicating.
  • All our tutors and have in-depth knowledge of the secondary and VCE syllabus.

Meet our Tutors!

Adam B – VCE EnglishYear 7-10 EnglishGlobal Studies & Revolutions

Anthony T – VCE PhysicsVCE Maths MethodsVCE English

Caspar T –  VCE PsychologyVCE Physical EducationVCE Economics.

Ella S – VCE English & VCE Legal Studies

Emerson CVCE English, VCE Legal Studies, Revolutions & Global Studies

James L – Years 7-10 MathsVCE Further Maths

Riley G – Years 7-10 MathsVCE Maths Methods

Sam C – VCE Maths MethodsVCE Specialist MathsVCE BiologyVCE ChemistryVCE Physics

Nicholas VVCE Maths Methods, VCE Further Maths, VCE Specialist Maths & VCE Physics

Seve J – VCE Further MathsVCE Maths MethodsVCE Accounting

Alice N – VCE Further MathsVCE BiologyVCE ChemistryVCE Physical Education 

Daniel KVCE Maths Methods, VCE Specialist Maths & VCE Physics

Mitchell DVCE Maths Methods, VCE Chemistry, VCE Physics, Years 7-10 Maths & Years 7-10 Science

Jack R –  Years 7-10 English, VCE English, VCE Physical EducationVCE Business Management & VCE Legal Studies

Toneyha G Year 7-10 Maths, VCE Maths Methods, VCE Specialist Maths, VCE Physics & Years 7-10 Science

Maysen DVCE English, VCE Business Management, VCE Physical Education & VCE Legal Studies

Aron WVCE Physical Education & VCE Business Management

Anja B VCE Further Maths & Years 7-10 Maths

Our tutors

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